The platform makes your coaching more accessible and agile

TWIN CORP, the first digital remote coaching solution solely offers coaching sessions with senior coaches with international coaching experience.

Access the platform

Simple scheduling process

Choose your coach, book your appointment on the web platform or the app

Detailed reporting

Activity level monitored throughout the program

Real client support

A dedicated client face off

Easy calendar syncing

The platform integrates with all the major calendar solutions (Google calendar, Ical and outlook)

A cross-platform support

We provide a cross-platform support to help you choose your coach, define your objectives, plan your online sessions and evaluate your coaching.

A simple 4 step solution

Choose your coach

Choose your coach from a list containing their CVs and introductory videos

Define your objectives

Define your objectives online (alone or with input from your team/HR department)

Plan your online sessions

Plan your sessions depending on your needs and schedule

Evaluate the coaching

Report to the HR department : your level of satisfaction and coaching session monitoring. Anonymous reports on the themes covered during coaching are collected.

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