Engagement charter

The purpose of this document is to present to you: the coaching approach implemented by your company and TWIN CORP, as well as the actions to which you will commit yourself by validating this contract as a client. It concerns only the services provided by TWIN CORP and its coaches.

  • Coaching is a process of individualized accompaniment of a person in his professional environment. Its purpose is to contribute to the development of skills and professional performance.
  • Coaching brings neither “Miracle Solution” nor “Model to follow”, but an opening on new ways to approach professional situations by relying on your own assets. It is an approach targeted on defined and personalized objectives.
  • Its implementation is done within the framework of a deontological charter which includes the respect of the confidentiality of the interviews between the coach and his client.

To allow the best progress of your coaching, you will have to:

  • Prepare the objective you wish to reach during or at the end of the session.
  • Be in a space that promotes confidentiality and calm.
  • To be available, the coach will contact you, at the fixed time, at the telephone number entered on the TWIN CORP. platform. In case of absence, he repeats his call during the duration of the planned session, this does not impact the initially planned end time.


During the first 20 minutes of a first session with a coach, you can exercise your right of withdrawal.

The coach’s commitments:

  • The coach is attentive to the profession, the uses, the culture, the context, and the constraints of the organization for which his client works.
  • The coach adapts his intervention in accordance with the client’s stages of development.
  • The coach can only report to the sponsor within the limits established with the client.
  • His role requires putting himself in the best position to understand the professional stakes of his client, without however substituting himself in terms of his business expertise.
  • Coaching is carried out in the synthesis of the interests of the client and his organization.

The TWIN CORP coaches are:

  • Professionals who have been in coaching positions for at least 15 years.
  • Trained and supervised, with a minimum of 5 years of professional coaching experience.

All TWIN CORP coaches adhere to the TWIN CORP deontology charter.